The McDermott Cup Is a regional competition held annually by the Lismore Bridge Club. It is named after Francis and Molly McDermott who were early members and long time supporters of the Club. It is a bit unusual in that it is a competition between clubs in the local area, who choose representative teams,  rather than being open to all comers.

Each club chooses two four person teams, one in the open section, and one in the restricted, which is under 200 masterpoints. The open and restricted teams compete separately within their classification, with the trophy being awarded to the club with the best result when the results for the two sections are aggregated. The open and restricted sections are scored on Victory points, and the overall result on the number of wins

The clubs competing for the 2018 competition, held in mid May, were Twin Towns, Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Ballina, Yamba, Brunswick Valley, Lenox Head and Lismore. The results were:

Restricted    Lismore first, Ballina second, Lenox Heads third

Open               Ballina first, Twin Towns second, Byron Bay third

Red Masterpoints were awarded as follows:


ABF No   NameColour      Masterpoints

30708JEFFERY, HowardRed1.16

30732JEFFERY, LizRed1.16

35475MILNE, KayRed0.29

67921WILLIAMS, JacquieRed0.29

80004UNKNOWN PLAYER, Unknown (Inactive)Red0.64

103063BOURKE, LexRed0.29

135951FRASER, ChrisRed0.98

173592LEE, SueRed0.98

245852PAYNTER, JohnRed1.16

273716CHANCE, JonathanRed0.75

308651MICHELSON, IanRed0.14

332372STEELE, JohnRed0.29

332380STEELE, JocelynRed0.29

356638TOOTELL, HelenRed0.29

356646TOOTELL, PeterRed0.29

398039SHEPPARD, SusanRed0.29

436860BROOKES, IanRed0.98

437018MCLAY, DeborahRed0.14

446181CORLIS, PeterRed0.29

472859HIRSCHHORN, HenryRed0.14

509256SPAIN, RogerRed0.29

539351FORSYTH, JudyRed1.16

558818KABLE, JohnRed0.29

587044CAMERON, MureenRed0.09

587052CAMERON, TrevorRed0.09

679402CLARK, BettyRed0.14

709174ASKEY, GrahamRed0.29

762008SHEPHERD, LesleyRed0.75

764035STIVANO, NancyRed0.75

767905PEARSON, KayRed0.28

774901ROGERS, JohnRed0.64

788521HARRISON, JohnRed0.28

803294MARTIN, ElizabethRed0.28

807941BROSNAN, PeterRed0.28

807958BROSNAN, PatsyRed0.28

822248MCDOWELL, JenniferRed0.28

830887CONNELL, JulianaRed0.75

833274CARSON, GrahamRed0.98

877311KENNEDY, Damien JohnRed0.64

887609MCDOWELL, ChristopherRed0.28

895891ELDRIDGE, RobertRed0.28

941662BRYANT, LorraineRed0.64

957860BLACK, JessicaRed0.09

967246RAAEN, MeganRed0.09